WHO Will Save a Billion Lives?

I'm not sure if you've seen the email from Aaron and the guys, but we need your help!

As you probably know A Billion Lives has been given provisional screening dates by Odeon Cinemas, but they're subject to enough pre-bookings being made.

For instance it's scheduled to be shown in Worcester on Tuesday 01/11/16 and Bristol on Monday 07/11/16. I've pre-booked tickets for Bristol but 59 are needed in Worcester and 57 in Bristol or it won't be shown at all.

While it would be great to think that all the vapers might book those seats up, they're not the butts needed in those chairs.....

In Warsaw earlier this year at the Global Forum on Nicotine, Dr Chris Ford, who was very unsure about vaping, saw A Billion Lives. She is now staunchly campaigning on our side!

Doctors, politicians (MPs and others), public health people, journalists are the people who we really need to go.

Andy Morrison (NNA) spoke to Vaporized in Glasgow and they purchased all the tickets needed to secure the showing and have (with Andy) distributed them to just those sorts of people.

I know there's a bit of in fighting at times in the industry, but I thought maybe you guys would want to know and maybe might like to help? If you do, how ever those tickets are distributed is up to you.

Please, if you can, help us all out, yourselves included. The fight isn't over, the truth still needs to be heard. Please, pass this on to friends and colleagues in the business, your contacts are priceless and better than mine!

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