CALL TO ACTION! - Ask your MP to support Early Day Motion 1441

This is pretty simple. This week the +Royal College of Physicians supported vaping and the European Court of Justice made a mockery of the +Totally Wicked UK legal challenge and itself.

We all urgently need to ask our MPs to support this Early Day Motion 1441 raised by Anne Main MP. It asks for the government to reject the e-cigarette parts of the TPD and remove them from The Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016.

How? Easy, As you'll see below I've written to my MP +Richard Graham via

Feel free to base your email on what I've written below but please avoid copying it, try to make it personal to you but polite.

Thanks. #VapeOn

Dear Richard Graham,

I have written to you previously regarding the EU Tobacco Products
Directive Article 20 and how it will affect people wishing to quit
smoking, existing e-cig users and a large number of businesses based in
Gloucester and surrounds.

Earlier this week saw the publication of a report by the Royal College
of Physicians roundly supporting the safety and use of electronic
cigarettes and other tobacco harm reduction (THR)

This criticises a number of parts of the TPD Article 20 as working
against the public health and against the true aims of tobacco control.
This of course follows on the heels of the Public Health England report
and the training given by them to regional Directors of Public Health
and Tobacco controllers making it clear that this was a valid method
for smokers to switch to or use to quit tobacco smoke

Yesterday the European Court of Justice dismissed a legal challenge to
Article 20. Despite the challenge being based on points of constitution
and law the court instead focussed on politics and outdated opinion in
their dismissal.

I would therefore respectfully ask that you support the Early Day
Motion 1441 raised by Anne Main MP asking that the sections of
the TPD Article 20 dealing with e-cigarettes be rejected and withdrawn
from the transposition into UK Law, The Tobacco and Related Products
Regulations 2016.

Yours sincerely,

John Summers


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