Review - Palm 30 from Spa Vapes

Afternoon all!

A wee while ago I was given one of these by Paul at +Spa Vapes to try out. 

Opening the zipper case it comes in I was in for a surprise. The Palm 30.

It's teeny, barely longer than my Subtank Mini! But wait, 30W, TC (Ni200) and a built in battery? Crikey, what sort of crowbar did they use?? And very, very light. So light in fact it weighs (at 95g) almost half the weight of a Koopor Mini without the battery!

The astute amongst you may recognise the device as a rebadged +Dovpo Vapor  Forever 30, and you'd be right. Which of course makes the specs a bit of a doddle :-)

Output Wattage: 1.0W – 30.0W

Battery: 2200mAh Li-Ion

Ni200 Temperature Control, 200°F - 600°F/100℃ - 300℃

Ni200 coil working resistance range: 0.1Ω - 1.0Ω

Standard atomizer working resistance range: 0.1Ω - 3.0Ω

The Palm30 will automatically detect whether a temperature sensing (Ni200) or standard (Kanthal etc.) coil is attached. The feature works pretty well (although not bulletproof) and gives the normal "new coil up" check.

Protection wise the Palm30 is pretty well kitted out. When the battery capacity is too low to support the power selected it will automatically adjust the the optimum power output available. It also comes with short circuit protection, low voltage protection, overheat protection and overtime vaping warning.

Temperature control works well, as does normal VW vaping. The controls will be familiar to anyone that's used an iPV or similar mod. It deserves its moniker as it fits the palm very well.

Overall I have to say it's not a bad little device. Yes, it's not going to set the vaping world alight, it doesn't have a huge battery capacity and the watts are low. Yes, it would struggle with a tank/dripper needing more than the 30W it can give. Yes it's not got handling for different TC metals....

But where the Palm does fit is exactly because of its diminutive size and light weight. It would make a great suit pocket, stealth, handbag or backup mod. And that's pretty unusual with the current trend for high wattage, multi cell devices. Well played guys!

I'll update with a price and site link as soon as I get one.


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