UK Vapefest 2015

Evening all,

I eventually made it to UK VapeFest after not being sure whether I'd make it or not. Glad I did as I managed to catch up with some cool people and try some good stuff.
Viki of El Diablo Juices

I had set myself a mission of catching up with Lorien and Sarah J from the NNA but I failed dismally. I did get to see Sarah from a distance but she was busy with cameras :-) Bonus was catching up with Rhydian, Bernice and Gords, and Marco again. And actually getting to talk to the crew of +A Billion Lives who have been immensely busy and are very, very pleasant people to talk to (check out 

There were a couple of other people I would have liked to have said hi to, but timing or other issues meant that wasn't to be.

Van Dyke Vapes, in tent. Camping? ;-)
What did strike me as a change over the last couple of years is the improvement in the accuracy and innovation in flavours. Even when different manufacturers have come up with what are, on paper at least, very similar ideas they've managed to put their own twist or take in there, so they're not samey but still very good quality.

Some new names, some old ones, some fallen out of favour or by the wayside.

The new flavours from +Mrs Lord & Co, El Diablo Juices and Van Dyke Vapes were great to try. There was a great atmosphere in that red tent of doom :-)

Were there oodles of freebies? 

After the mayhem of VapeJam, the more corporate push of Vaper Expo.... Not that I saw. Which I guess from a purely selfish perspective was a shame. But then, with my more sensible head on it actually meant that were weren't quite the roving packs of freebie hunters seen previously. And at the end of it all, nothing is without some sort of cost....

Hardware wise there were some interesting things to see, when I could actually get close enough.

It was busy, not madly so but enough that you could really tell when something was popular!

Some very nice mod/tank stands, again with different takes. I am a bit of a sucker for some wood grain and a bit of semi-order.

More drip tips than you could shake a stick at and some great looking mods. But not as much mod tech as I'd hoped, which was a shame.

I did indulge in one of these beautiful pyrex and bronze drip tips from Rocket Science Mods who had some very well engineered tanks and mechs. If only I'd had the spare cash....

I guess that's the problem with t'interwebs. Lots of nice stuff around but damned tricky to get it into a Shropshire showground.

Right at the end of my visit to the show I came across a gem.

There's been some discussion (including my own opinions) about the rights and wrongs of some of the "vape girls" some shows and vendors use to try and sell juice and mods. To me, it's a no-sell but they seem determined in their pursuit of a particular type or types of vaper. For me information, choice, honesty and an absence of hard sell wins every time. 

But there is something else that sells. Fun, laughter and atmosphere, sprinkled with a bit of customer involvement.

And that's exactly what the team at Totally Vapour achieved! To tie in with their new line they'd gone for a vintage theme across the stand, with boxes of costume and props for customers to have fun with and get a photo taken. Have a bit of a harmless mess about, have a drink.

Yes they had attractive ladies (and some gents allegedly) but the dress was not "vape porn" stylee at all, nothing that you wouldn't see at a local am-dram or high street promo.

And they pulled it off in style.

You want to do "Vape Glam" and stay inclusive? This, ladies and gents, is one of the ways to do it. Classy and fun.

The team from +Madison One Media Ltd were really cool too, not at all precious about others taking photos etc.

Simple eh? 


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