Safety - SGS do not test E-Cigs/Vaping


for those of you who saw Fake Britain on BBC One tonight this is a repetition, no apologies.

This is too important not to repeat. SGS are, in their own words, "the worlds leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company".

These guys look into all sorts of things and you'll see the SGS name or logos on all sorts of products. But SGS state that they do not test vaping/electronic cigarette equipment. 

Globally. Period.

Big deal? Yes, very big because sadly you'll see the SGS name and logos on vape/ecig websites, products, accessories. And they're fake, a lie, a con. And some of those products have already caused damage and injury. You don't have to go far to find the lies, here's one from +Global Sources site

And another from a vendor site, +Electronicecigstore - Electronic Cigarettes but they won't be the only ones...

And I'm sure the sellers will say "But we were told that they were tested/certified". Great, but as I've said before legally the buck stops with YOU. Your due diligence must include checks on what wholesalers, importers and manufacturers are telling you, as you are legally responsible for what you sell.

And if the manufacturer or importer lied about that, then you can be pretty damn sure that most if not all of their other claims are lies too.

So, vapers, if you see SGS on an ecig/vape item, please no matter the price don't buy it, report it.


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