Review - The Nobacconists Butterscotch Cream

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Late one today as things have been quite busy.

As with the previous 2 reviews, Butterscotch Cream is an e-liquid that I bought at Vaper Expo from The Nobacconists along with the +Steam Crave RDTA. It's from their Select+ range, 70% VG and 6 mg nicotine strength.

For testing I used the RDTA with a 0.48 ohm dual coil (twisted kanthal) and the Kanger +Kangertech Subtank Mini with a Ni200 coil. Both were fired on the +Heatvape e-cig Invader Mini.

Usual good labelling and child resistant packaging which is always good to see. Filling the tanks you straight away got the whiff of butterscotch!

In the RDTA I was a bit worried as there was a strange plastic taste but that quickly disappeared and wasn't present at all in the Subtank, so must have been some contamination on the coil. Remember kids, keep yer coils clean ;-)

On both tanks the vapour production was good, even at the lower wattage end (35W) on the kanthal. Taste is, as you'd expect, sweet but smooth, definite butterscotch even with the slight salt tinge that's not easy to get. That lets go to the deeper caramel flavour and moves into the soft cream finish. 

Perhaps a little rich for an ADV unless you have a sweet tooth or a liking for dessert vapes, but for me it wasn't really a problem. Even the wife said it smelt quite nice!

One thing I did notice, as with many sweeter/creamy vapes it gunks up the wick and coil pretty quickly! And to be fair that's probably the closest you'll get to a bad comment on this one.

I have to say, I've been impressed with all three flavours that I bought at Vaper Expo, I look forward to buying a couple more to try. Which is not what I'd expected, being a cynical git I'd assumed that as they're reasonably priced that they weren't going to be much cop. For the price, pretty hard to beat and they compared pretty well to some more expensive e-liquids.


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