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Afternoon all,

I could have quite easily exploded yesterday after dealing with an errant juice seller and giving feedback on an almost-EVIC VT clone (proof positive cheap does not mean good).

That's why there were'nt any posts yesterday as they would almost certainly have been libellous! I was absolutely livid and pretty down with vaping in general.

Oddly enough, we're customers.

We have expectations that YOU set as companies either by appearance or by promises.

We also have statutory rights that YOU as a company/trader cannot write off using a naff piece bit of "Terms and Conditions" crud. You cannot contract out of a statutory obligation.

YOU have obligations set in law. In the UK the Sales of Goods Act, Weights & Measures, Distance Selling, Hygiene regulations etc apply whether or not you've done your homework. Ignorance is NOT a defence under UK law.

Traders/Sellers/Manufacturers, do everyone including yourselves a favour. If you have no intent on trading legally, selling a quality product, observing safety laws... go do something else FFS. Trust me on this, if you persist then there are people out there who will give you a hard time and reach out to organisations that will give you an even harder time....

Vapers, don't stand for the cr*p. These people are NOT charities, they're selling to make money out of us. They OWE us their loyalty and honesty as much as they need our loyalty and support.


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