Updated - Caution - Bad manners or Bad Trader?

Hi everyone,

I am very suspicious of this one, could be nothing but I doubt it. I have dropped a line to West Yorkshire Trading Standards just in case.

Planet Vape UK (aka +Planet Vape uk @PlanetVapeUK1) ran a RT giveaway contest earlier in the week for a "competition vape kit" and a £50 voucher.

And three days ago lucky Mr Brad Sutter won.
Lucky him.
Remarkably lucky.
Unbelievably lucky.

Why is it unbelievable? Well, as you can see from the image on the left Mr Sutter last appeared on Twitter 2119 days ago!

For the hard of thinking that's 5.8 YEARS ago!

So I'm pretty sure that Mr Sutter never RT'd and certainly wasn't going to pick up on the tweets asking him to DM Planet Vape. So I and several others tweeted Planet Vape to ask what was going on, and BOOM we all got blocked.

UPDATE 14/08/15 - RT competition still hasn't been re-drawn or re-run, no communications from Planet Vape UK (see below) and we're still tweet blocked.

Ok, that's odd. But thinking about it Planet Vape had been having some website issues, so we have a dig around.

Company set up 2015

From a residential address

Website says "Planet Vape UK LTD Limited trading as Planet Vape UK" but Companies House has no record of a company by that name. Closest match was in Peterborough.

Contact telephone number charges £0.17 per minute from a landline! It's an 0843 number.

The "about us" page says "We have over 5 years experience in the retail industry and are a major wholesaler of electrical goods in the North West". But I hear that this person has spent the last 5 years working as a customer service advisor, and not in retail or as a wholesaler.

UPDATE 14/08/15- So, seems there's two companies called Planet Vape UK. This one ( we'll call them PV1) and another called Planet Vape Uk Ltd (PV2?).... The Ltd company is actually registered with companies house.

Not confusing at all eh? So we dropped them both a line so they can have a chat and sort that out amongst themselves. I'm sure PV2 are going to be a bit miffed that someone's using their registered name. Please note that Planet Vape UK Ltd do appear to be a separate company.

Usefully PV1 have finally removed the Ltd company claim from their site (I think they might have got a bit nervous). They've also popped up on a new address http://www.planet-vape.co/

UPDATE 24/08/15 - Both the PV1 sites are down and still no reply or re-draw on twitter.

So, my advice, stay well clear unless this magically clears up....

UPDATE 24/08/15 - Actually, given the bad behaviour, just stay well clear...


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