Vaper Expo 2015

VaperExpo 2015: Probably a bit late but I thought I'd put a few words on this, as it was the first large scale vape event I've been to.

I wasn't originally going, life can be a bit hectic at times. But I decided on the Sunday I'd better get my butt there and at the last minute dragged my mate Nick along who is also a vaper and lives in Tamworth. Armed with some cash, our mods, some juice and bottles of water (Remember vapers, hydrate!!) we hit the M42 which was, for once, kind.

Parked and into the shuttle bus, we arrived at the venue just in time for a heck of a rainstorm. Luckily the event staff were kind and let the queue get under cover.

First thing that hit you was the clouds. Or cloud, one heck of a smoke machine effect oozing out of the front doors... An eclectic mix of various flavours and smells, which we would shortly be adding to, but more about that in a bit.

As it's been a week now since the event, and a lot has happened between now and then, I'm going to review the event as "hot or nots". Yes, I'm a lazy forgetful git, but I'll come back and update as I remember stuff :-)


Vapourtrails: Was great to meet the guys, Dave D, Keef etc. had a wee natter and even got a pen!

Layout: The event was laid out well, plenty of space and disabled access seemed to be pretty good.

Vendors: There were a heck of a lot of them and they were on the whole friendly and eager to chat. Special mentions to Long Run/Puff Ecigarette Store, Element Eliquids, The Nobacconists, Vaporized, TW and Cloudz Vapor. That coffee was great and much needed.

Freebies: Who doesn't like them! There were quite a few small bottles to take away and try, a real bonus! Thanks guys! 


Drinks: Organisers, if you're arranging a vape meet then at least make sure there are free water fountains. Dehydration ruins a vaping experience (see above).

Ventilation: Ok, it's a vape show. But that cloud on arrival was a bit rich, and it was the same inside. Smell is strongly linked to taste, so it was hard at times to get a true sample of a taste. Arrange extra ventilation, especially if the cloudz headz are in :-)

Cash machines: There were none in the building, but a few vendors only taking cash. It's a fair hike to the main venue to hunt the ATM.

Girls: No, I'm not a misogynist. And yes, for some of the guys this might be controversial. No names, no pack drill but Organisers and Vendors need to be aware that underdressed women are not necessary to sell vape products. For me, it makes me question the ethics of the companies involved. For others, it's a 70's sexist hangover that they don't want to see.

Girls2: There is one vendor in particular that, although I'm not naming them, should be damned well ashamed of themselves. Having your product models strip completely on your stand to get into their skimpy, no-imagination-required outfits is NOT ON. The event had a 12yr age limit FFS. Get a grip, get some morals, get a damn curtain! I heard several people considering calling the police.....

Last minute vendors: If you're going to turn up and sell juice, for god sake have your website, email, twitter etc that's on your business material set up. And make sure you've done your QA, testing etc. Selling short measure bottles with inadequate, illegal labelling is going to get you no-where. You know who you are, organise yourself better or you'll kill your own products.

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