The man from Dupont, he says no... Propanediol #2

After my mini-rant on bad science around PG, glycols, propanediol etc I had a thought.

If allegedly the PG manufacturers don't approve it for use in vaping, do 1,3-PDO producers approve?

I remembered that Five Pawns posted a claim in April 2015 that they were releasing a lineup of juices using Zemea, a "natural" 1,3-PDO from Dupont. So, I asked Dupont.

They said no. Not only do they not approve it, they refuse to allow any of their 1,3-Propanediol products to be sold or used in vaping. Globally. Period

They even sent me a nice signed PDF.

So, all those vendors trying to make a differentiation between PG and 1,3-PDO, this one's off the list.
And Five Pawns, guys, update?

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