Reviews: Butthurt over honesty?

Mini-Rant time...

I've just seen a tweet from a reviewer who did an honest YouTube piece on some hardware, +Vaping Moderation 

The manufacturer is SUING him because it wasn't totally positive, because it identified potential minor issues and helpfully suggested fixes! That maker was +Ginger Vaper.

Makers/Sellers, understand this. If you ask anyone to review/buy/try your products or services then you need to expect bad reviews from time to time. They're just as valuable as good feedback, they give you the opportunity to improve your product and remove issues you weren't aware of. If you were aware of them, more fool you.

As a business, the public have the right to make honest statement as to your quality of service and behaviour too. 

Under UK law at least an honest review couldn't be successfully sued as if the issues can be proven there is no libel or defamation. And of course in the US you have the "free speech" laws under the 1st amendment

A forced/paid "positive" review is an advertisement.

Reviewers, understand this. You cannot be successfully sued (in the UK or US at least) for an honest, non-malicious review. However you can be sued for a falsely positive review.

Makers, Sellers, if you don't want feedback be it good or bad, you're in the wrong damned job! Sorry if you're #butthurt :-)


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