Review - The Nobacconists Cherry Vapewell

Afternoon all,

You know when someone sells you something as part of a bundle deal? We do tend to be a bit dismissive of the smaller items in the bundle.

Which makes it a doubly nice surprise when they turn out to be a little gem :-)

At +Vaper Expo I bought a +Steam Crave Aromamizer RDTA (love it, mad little beastie) and a handful of 10ml juices from The Nobacconists Select+ range, including the Cherry Vapewell 6mg 70VG/30PG.

Already having quite a mix of samples and purchases from the Expo, I hadn't really thought much about those wee bottles until a couple of nights ago when I was cleaning and re-wicking a couple of tanks.

I put a bit of the juice in, not expecting much and BOOM! What a wallop of flavour for a 70% VG juice.

Sweet but not overly so, a good hit of sharp raspberry jam rushes in, followed by a build of almond cake and icing, leaving the almond, pastry and raspberry to linger as an nice finish. If you're familiar with "exceedingly good" cakes I don't think you'd be disappointed. Vape production is good as you'd expect with a high VG liquid.

Packaging is good, the label is clear and has more than enough information to satisfy regulations including contact details, warnings and batch number. The bottle has a child resistant cap.

At £4 for a 10 ml bottle you can't really go wrong, and I'm looking forward to trying the others now. Shows you don't need to spend £30/30ml to get a good vape :-) #VapeSafe


  1. This looks great! Where can I buy this? I checked and they don't sale it :(

    1. You could try their site?


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