Review - Element Eliquids - Banana Nut

While I was at at UK Vaper Expo I got to talk to some of the great guys at Element Eliquids. I already liked their Key Lime Cookie, tried the Pink Lemonade (very tasty) and they gave me a sample bottle of Banana Nut (Dripper Series, 80VG/20PG) to take away. So, let's try it!

Last night I'd finished off the previous tankful, so cleaned and re-wicked the faithful Subtank Mini... yes the subtank! With 80% VG :-)

Despite what people say, you CAN vape high VG liquids in a subtank, maybe not so easy with stock coils but certainly with the rebuildable deck and careful wicking you're good.

So, we're using twisted 26AWG Kanthal A1 from The Crazy Wire Co., Drago organic cotton, 0.48 Ohm, 35 Watts on a Heatvape Invader Mini.

No UK safety labelling but that's expected on a non-sale US sample, no issue. Open the bottle, fill her up. Straight away you can smell the banana, not too strong, not too artificial. Slightly cloudy, not sure what that is hopefully Element can tell us.

Vape it man! Nice banana flavour, not too strong or sweet, again not too artificial. A pleasant hazelnut undertone then the base of caramel comes in. The vape is nice and dense, not too warm. And you're left with a pleasant banana/nut aftertaste that doesn't linger too long.

Wick seems to remain pretty clean, even after a tankful, and I'm not seeing lots of gunk on the coil.

Well Element, I'm impressed. I wasn't sure I'd like this after some of the hideous attempts out there. But this is good, damn good in fact. I like it.

Could it be an ADV? I'm surprised, but yes! It's not over sweet, so if you like fruity desserts you could be onto a real find here. Well done guys!

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