Review - Ascension Vapor, Orange Grove

Hi everyone,

earlier in the week I received a prize from +Ascension Vapor that I won in a Twitter competition. It's "Orange Grove", the 50/50 PG/VG 6mg nicotine version.

As I hinted before, I thought I'd give this a review.

Ascension say that this "tastes like an orange crèmesicle". Well, not had one of those myself :-)

When I opened the bag a got a smell of a floral/fruit perfume, which I put down to possibly being due to other packages.

The bottle looks nice, almost like a perfume or cologne bottle. No CLP/CHP compliant labelling but as this was a non-retail product that's not an issue.

On opening the bottle that perfume smell was quite strong, and even today after a couple of breathing sessions is still pretty evident. It's difficult to place, slightly artificial smelling, not quite what I'd expect from a citrus or cream juice.

Vaping it just after first opening was disappointing. I wasn't getting orange or cream, nor a particularly good vapour production. Overriding it all was the sickly, artificial "perfume" flavour that's vaguely near citrus. Almost as if it hadn't steeped, whatever was there seemed out of place, although it would have been at least in bottle long enough for US-UK post.

I tried it on a temp controlled Joyetech CLR-Ti coil (210-230C, 50W) and the SteamCrave RDTA (.26Ohm,dual twisted, 50 W). Neither gave a real difference in taste or vapour production. Neither wicks showed any much darkening which is a plus, but odd for a cream/sweet juice.

2 days (and 2 breathing rounds) later we try again, same setups as before. The perfume note has muted somewhat and the vape is slightly sweeter. However, the flavour still appears false, lacking any creaminess and not exact orange.

On both occasions my wife (who is quite the critic!) said that the smell of the vapour was sickly, and reminiscent of certain flower-referencing cream filled chocolates, in particular the coffee variety. Odd and again not expected.

As I said at the start of the review, I've not had an "orange crèmesicle" and this is what they're possibly supposed to taste like. It's not a "bad" juice, I can see some effort has gone into it. Others may think it's good, but not for me. What I will do in fairness is put this away for a week or so and try again, see if there's any improvement.

Sorry Ascension, thanks for the prize but I wouldn't buy this as it stands.

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