First Post and Ground Rules

Oh, well, better write the first post on the blog :-) I think given the subject matter and the views of some people on Vaping, Vapers etc I'd better set a baseline.

The facts: I'm real, not a bot or a fake account. I am an independent advocate of vaping.

I am not and never have been employed by, paid by, an investor in, worked for any vaping, electronic cigarette, tobacco, drug company, lobby group or medical organisation. If that were ever to change I'll let you know.

My views are mine. You might not like them, that's cool. But they're not the views of anyone else, no organisation, business or group I might work with unless specifically stated. If you comment they will be moderated and if I don't like them I'll delete them. Any reviews are not guaranteed to be exhaustive and should not be taken as a declaration of product safety or suitability for your use. Caveat Emptor!

You're welcome to ask me to review services, products, applications etc but this will be at your own cost. I will not be paying to return items, and return is to be organised by yourselves. In requesting a review you agree that it will be my honest view, you accept that the review may not be positive. In return I will be honest, as prompt as possible and objective. I will submit any review for your review prior to publication, you may request that it is not published. However the review submission will be noted in my blog as "not published".

I reserve the right to post reviews about products or services that I suspect may be illegal, dangerous, fraudulent or harmful without approval from the supplier. This is NOT negotiable

I reserve the right to monetise my blog. Why? Well, I have bills just like everyone else and at least I'm up front about this, not everyone is :-)

Did I miss anything? Oh yes, #VapeOn....

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  1. Nice John, will be looking forward to any reviews you do, I know they will be absolutey honest, Best regards Mark


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