Hardware review sadness and joy

Evening all,

Yesterday I was quite excited as a parcel arrived containing a piece of hardware I'd been asked to give feedback on and possibly review.

I'd seen a pre-production model and liked what I'd seen on first impression. Packaging was nice, manual was good. And then I started playing with it, and finding things... not necessarily good things. Bit of a chat with the manufacturer, re-assured so carry on.

And stop. Because what I was looking at meant, along with the features that weren't part of the device, that it was priced into the wrong part of the market. And with some of the other things I'd found it could be a potential safety issue.

So, took photos, wrote everything up and sent it off, asking how they wanted to arrange return. It was tough, I'd got on really well with the guys and they had real passion and some good ideas. I felt a bit guilty, even emailed them to sort of apologise as it left me feeling a bit sad.

So, I awaited the angry email casting doubt on my ability to lift a screwdriver. It didn't arrive....

What I got was a really friendly, receptive email thanking me for my time, telling me to keep the hardware as a thankyou for what I'd done!! Totally not what I'd expected, I'd been primed by having to deal with delivering bad news before.

They've taken everything on board, I've offered to help with examining revised plans, designs builds etc and there's a fuzzy feeling. Because that's how it should be, sending something for an early review is part of a good design/manufacturing process.

Upshot, I feel happy again, they know what was going to bite them in the ass and I have more respect for them as manufacturers.



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