Gloucester Vape Shops

I have to say, we're quite lucky here in Gloucester and Cheltenham.

Given the population of the area we actually have quite a good number of good vaping shops. And by good I mean pleasant staff, good products and not a nasty Big Tobacco backed e-pen stand.

In Gloucester I can name Spa Vapes, Vapour King, E-Vapor, Smokers Angel and Vape-It-Easy (who I saw at the weekend, new startup and very nice people!).

Cheltenham has, that I know of, Spa Vapes, Smokers Angel and Red Juice.

Not bad at all for the catchment area! And if you know of any I've missed let me know.

What are your areas like for vendors/makers?

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  1. I live in the Forest of Dean and we have nothing here, but I am lucky enough to visit Gloucester regularly even if it is for appointments at GRH. But these trips up to Gloucester mean I can borrow a buggy from Shopmobility and do the rounds to visit Andrew and Ben, Jo, and Baz and then hop back into the car to visit Matt. Each of these vendors are different so it is always good to visit them, have a nice intense vaping chat with some of them and see what they have new. If your ears were burning, your name has come up once or twice but as far as I know (unless we were next to each other at VF) I have not met you yet. You might have seen me whizzing over to the big tent on Saturday to collect my raffle prize in the 1st draw :)


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