Cheltenham VapeMeet, great night out 24/7/15 :-)

Had a great time last night at the Cheltenham VapeMeet organised by Spa Vapes.

Was really inspiring to see such a varied crowd, I think there was a real spread from college to retired. Female vapers were well represented both as customers and part of the vape industry.

Music was on tap courtesy of a mystery DJ who I spotted briefly.

Industry wise there was quite a good turnout, Mrs Lord & Co, El Diablo Juices, VaperCrew and Drip Tips by BIG. They were really engaged and talking to lots of the people there.

The BBQ had to be cancelled as the weather was against everyone, it was raining really well but that was switched to pizza which everyone appreciated. The weather certainly didn't dampen anyones spirits and the gazebo was useful for some cooler air :-)

Great to see a mix of cloud and non-cloud enthusiasts chatting and sharing stories/tips.

Drinks were in good supply and the atmosphere, although cloudy, was really friendly.

If you get the chance you really need to make it to the next one. And if there's another good one in the area going down let me know, I'll make sure it gets a mention :-) #VapeSafe 

Viki from El Diablo

Mrs Lord & Co (Yes there is a Mr & Mrs Lord!)

The Outdoor posse, checking an arrival....

Getting busy at the counter :-)

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  1. Looks like a good meet. Wish I could have gone.


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